Madeleine Terry

Massage Therapist


Physical lives, stress, illness, environment and emotional factors can play a role in mis-aligning our physical selves. We lose our spirt, body,  and  mind connection. Wholistic massage works to re-reconnect our parts. Restoring these connections allows the body to heal, the spirt to calm, the mind to quiet.

The Wholistic massage therapist helps the individual create conscious connections within self. Various therapeutic techniques are employed based on presenting needs. Combining processes customizes the session for the individual. An appointment may include Swedish Massage, Hot Stones, Trager, Reiki and/or Body Mechanics.

Research has found therapeutic massage to be an effective in helping to relieve headaches, TMJ, eyestrain, sinus problems, neck pain, backaches, arthritis, muscle aches, and tension due to stress. In addition it has been identified as beneficial in assisting the relief of anxiety, stress, insomnia, ulcer pain, menstrual cramps, indigestion, boosting the immune system, reducing toxins and creating an overall sense of well-being. These effects are achieved because tension is reduced, circulation is increased, body-mind-spirt awareness is enhanced. The body becomes more relaxed, promoting one’s own restorative process.


Wholistic Massage

Swedish Massage works out muscle tension and relaxes the entire body. The process increases oxygen levels, decreases muscle toxins, reduces stress hormones, boosts the immune system, improves circulation and flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage soothes the spirit, revives the body and delights the senses.  This ultimate healing spa treatment promotes deep relaxation, a sense of well-being and healing.

Trager releases deep-seated physical and mental patterns through gentle, non-intrusive, natural movements. It gently reconditions body patterns to promote deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, mental clarity and physical alignment.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote healing. Often described as “hands on healing”, it creates a relaxed state, a sense of peace, of security and wellbeing by treating the whole person mind, and spirit. It is know to be effective in helping healing and reducing side effects of medical or other therapeutic techniques.

Body Mechanics develops an awareness of beneficial physical alignment and functional movement. Therapeutic movements retrain one’s muscles to function properly, assisting the client with improved posture. The educated client gains skills for maintaining personal physical comfort.

establishing connections for greater well-being